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This is the story I didn't write down. || Hi there! Marike here, 23 from Germany. Manga Translator at ChibiManga and Matteiru Scans. Shoujo-Addict :3 I just post or reblog stuff I enjoy. So feel free to ask me or submit something!

Anonymous said: Cries OTL I hope Sata will let her explain.... I really don't like that girl thank you btw! .. Oh and is the manga a monthly release?

Hi again,Nonnie :)

Yes,it’s a monthly manga. Betsuma is released on the 11th on each month. :]



To My Mother by MyLifeThroughTheLens
Anonymous said: Is there drama/misunderstand in chap 40 of ookami shoujo to kuro ouji? I'm so scared to read it ;_____;

Hi there Nonnie!
Well,I don’t want to spoiler those who didn’t read the chapter yet or who don’t want to know what happens. So do NOT keep reading this if you want to wait for the official translation. :)

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