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The lovely @SailorStardust0 on twitter informed me earlier today of this news! Sailor Moon Crystal will in fact include the Black Moon Arc as a part of the 26 episodes - following the manga acts act-by-act. You can read a translation here of an excerpt from Kobayashi’s interview in the Sailor Moon Crystal Official Visual Book (Mook) translated by Nagisayuu.
I’ll be posting my own personal thoughts on all of this at a later time (busy with grad school stuff), but I definitely wanted everyone to know about this!!! 
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Shooting Star  by Jonathan Besler

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[translation] (Editors’ Top 10 Picks) Inevitable heart-wrenching! “Wall slam” selection that makes girls’ hearts beat (from Kono Manga ga Sugoi! WEB; Aug. 28, 2014)


Appearing in romance films and Kasei Cup Noodle’s commercial, it’s the “wall slam”, a hot topic on the Internet.
But wait a minute! As it’s a sure thing in love stories, with comics for girls, it should have been the right way to go, right?!
That’s the reason why? What does this mean? Editorial staff member Meirii, with the editor-in-chief’s nonsensical show of pretending, will introduce the comics where the “wall slam” scenes appear with our judgment and views!!
Read this and bring up girl power!

1. Either way, it’s the right way to go

Ao Haru Ride by Io Sakisaka


(Image source from Kono Manga ga Sugoi! WEB; copyright by Io Sakisaka, Shueisha)

Ao Haru Ride vol. 7
by Io Sakisaka, published by Shueisha

At first place is Ao Haru Ride, who has released its latest publication, vol 11, on August 25, and is currently broadcasting an anime with high acclaim. When they were in middle school, Futaba and Kou mutually embraced a fleeting emotion. However, the two didn’t become a couple, and Kou changed schools. Futaba reunites with Kou in high school, and likes him after all, starting her one-sided crush. That’s what you’d think, but with Kou’s childhood friend Yui and Kikuchi, who loves Futaba, appearing, the two’s progress in love is thwarted……! Ahhh, man, with only things going in circles, it’s irritating!

☆ Wall slam scene


(Image source from Kono Manga ga Sugoi! WEB; copyright by Io Sakisaka, Shueisha)

It’s the scene where Kou sensed that Futaba was avoiding him, and interrogated her with, “Why are you avoiding me?” If that happened to us, we’d be excited!

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